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Cole Ebertowski - Bass


Bassist Cole Ebertowski has been inspired by a broad spectrum of musical styles.  Growing up in Winona, MN, he was first exposed to music as a drummer in his middle school band, and then as member of a pop-punk band that he started with friends.  Like his brother, 9th Planet Out drummer Clay, he gained performance experience as a musician in his father’s church, where he moved on to predominantly guitar and stringed instruments.  Classic rock has been a big inspiration in his energetic musical style, though during his time formally studying music he was also influenced by an appreciation of classical composers as well as personal interest in hip hop, modern metal, and even 2000s emo music.   Outside of music, Cole loves to read and stay active.  He has been taking martial arts classes with his brother, and enjoys camping and hiking, exercising, and walking his dog.

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